Keepsake Films

A Keepsake Film is a short film, created and captured of you and your Family, shot in your home or at an outdoor location that is special to you. These films hold onto and showcase the closeness, the bonds, the love, the special moments between a Family, and therefore capture incredible memories. 

I like to call it 'love in motion' as seeing the movement, the laughter and happiness shared, even the tears, the love, hearing your loved ones and kids little voices - this is all so emotive, these are moments that we want to hold onto forever, to keep them 'alive' for many years to come.

I know that I so wish I had at least one home video of myself with my family when I was a growing up, it's something that I would have treasured, just like we do with photographs...

So it's become a focus and passion of mine to create Family Films films:)

I have been making films of my own little Family, so that I, my husband and my kids can look back on these films when we are all much older.


And now I am so very excited to be able to capture and create Keepsake Films for other Families to treasure too, this brings me great joy. x